How to properly deal with #Ebola

The problem that I have with this whole thing is that NO SCIENTIST IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would go anywhere near Ebola without a Level 4 Containment Suit,but yet some of us are using garbage bags to protect ourselves. We all secretly think that we live in America and we are immune to this virus or that the CDC and NIH will do something about it. USAMRID in the past has been the one that has dealt with these issues and they need to be in charge as they know what the hell they are doing.

We need to NOW! supply the hospitals with the correct equipment to protect their healthcare workers. If you don’t believe me, then read the book called the Hot Zone (discusses a real story that happened over 10 years ago about‪#‎Ebola‬) or simply just go to and put in the search term Biosafety level and scroll down to Level 4 containment at P4 facilities which discusses how to properly deal with #Ebola.

The only place authorized to study #Ebola is in Galveston National Laboratory and in San Antonio at the P4 labs there. They wear the blue pressure suits shown in the movie Outbreak. Put in Level 4 containment suit and you can see a picture… We are dealing with a Virus which is at the P4 containment level.

Obamma, you need to dole out the suits and the bleach my friend and make the hospitals get ready for this total disaster created by people who are simply ignorant and by those who want to keep from causing a panic. It’s too late to panic because there is no time for that. It is time to act and do the right thing.

The airports should have been shut down weeks ago before this could even have happened. If you want to keep them open, then give each person an antibody test coming in from any travel crossing that part of the world. Ask people in airports to monitor their health who have been near sick people infected or even suspected of being infected. Give them a place away from their families (sorry), to go to isolate themselves.

For more information visit and learn about MAB drugs like Immunomilimab and ZMAP. I really tried to get this going again back in 2007 after failing in 2001. I will be posting a story there very soon, so stay tuned and be safe!


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