Who’s in charge of W.H. Ebola response?

If you have seen the protective gear that the nurses are wearing, it is not P4 compliant. Ebola is considered by MIT to be a Class 4 Pathogen mainly because it has a high death rate and because there is not any known cure at this time. P4 level containment labs only use “space suit” type containment with positive air pressure flows. Please see the following websites for further details:


The folks working with Ebola and other Class 4 pathogens are basically decontaminated on their way out of the lab with a decontaminant with the equivalent properties of basic household bleach which acts as a disinfectant for the suit.

After they have de-suited from the lab, they go through a room which contains UV lamps and then they take a shower with further de-contamination procedures. I am sure this is not what happened at the hospital in Dallas. Anything less than this is putting these nurses at risk.

The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer

After another Dallas nurse was diagnosed with Ebola, many are asking who’s handling the federal response to the outbreak.

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